Pledge to Support Suppressor Legalization in Illinois!

The fight is on to legalize suppressors in the state of Illinois, finally bringing the state in line with federal law. This would allow law-abiding citizens, who go through the proper federal licensing procedure, to possess and use suppressors legally under state law. Suppressors help reduce the muzzle report of a firearm to hearing-safe levels while also lessening recoil and muzzle rise. Suppressors also decrease of noise complaints frequently used as an excuse to close hunting lands.

In order for suppressor legalization to become a reality, all pro-Second Amendment activists must work together. Please sign this pledge TODAY, as well as urge family, friends, and fellow Illinois activists to do the same.

Will you sign?

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  • Paul Kubina
  • Aaron Shallenberger
  • James Marx
  • Charles Balija
    Since OSHA requires hearing protection over 85 db in industry, hearing protection for a hunter would hamper the ability to a successful outcome. The use of suppressors would be a logical solution to avoid permanent hearing damage for sportsman. For those who believe these devices would increase crime need to research such claims before passing judgement. Please pass this bill !!!
  • Brian Kowalczyk
  • Eugene Waskowski
  • Adam Watson
    Suppressors are a safety issue. Reduce hearing damage. Pass this bill.
  • Larry Griffin
  • Jose Gutierrez
  • Tyler Baker
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    Kelly Laskowski
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    Ed Minor
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