Pledge to Support Suppressor Legalization in Illinois!

The fight is on to legalize suppressors in the state of Illinois, finally bringing the state in line with federal law. This would allow law-abiding citizens, who go through the proper federal licensing procedure, to possess and use suppressors legally under state law. Suppressors help reduce the muzzle report of a firearm to hearing-safe levels while also lessening recoil and muzzle rise. Suppressors also decrease of noise complaints frequently used as an excuse to close hunting lands.

In order for suppressor legalization to become a reality, all pro-Second Amendment activists must work together. Please sign this pledge TODAY, as well as urge family, friends, and fellow Illinois activists to do the same.

Will you sign?

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  • John Schneller
  • William Farris
    I would like for the use of suppressors during hunting be passed into law in Illinois. Thank you
  • Andrew Heatherwick
  • Brad
    I strongly believe that suppressors should be legalized
  • Randy Kistner
  • James
  • Quintin Goostree
    Sign the Pledge: Support Suppressor Legalization in Illinois!
  • Quintin Goostree
  • Quintin Goostree
  • Trace Lippmann
  • Kevin Belmont
  • Cory O’Brien
  • Trent Buckingham
  • Amanda Fadeley
  • Mark
    Mark Walther
  • Noel Liu
    Keep the sport going but get the sound down. The sound of the cartridge firing is intimidating to the surrounding guests who are usually kids.
  • Mrs Mr Bischof
    - This is a plus for the shooting sports: Target shooting and Hunting.

    - Prevents hearing damage to shooters, our dogs, and observers.

    - A pleasant aid for those who have hearing aids and have trouble with ear muff protection.

    - Increases safety: reduces recoil, less flinching, better marksmanship.

    - Makes teaching easier with less noise, easier to physically handle, thus training safer shooters.

    - Prevents hearing damage if needed for family home protection.

    - Reduces frightening of game when hunting.

    - 46 States already allow the use of these safety devices. Lets bring Illinois up to date.

    - Lets bring common sense back to our laws.

    - Sign the Pledge: Support Suppressor Legalization in Illinois!
  • James Gronkiewicz
    James Gronkiewicz
  • Phillip Prater
  • Robert Lucas
  • Paul Csech
    Paul Csech
  • Elizabeth Randall
  • Keith Beers
  • Chadwick Cardott
  • Mike Walker
    Mike Walker
  • Bryan Boden
  • Dakota Sharp
  • Travis Rule
    Police Officer in full support of this bill.
  • Adam Lallas
  • Paul