Repeal the ban on Sunday Hunting in Pennsylvania!

Pennsylvania is one of 11 states where hunting on Sunday is restricted or prohibited.  These states are still the victims of antiquated prohibitions that date back to old blue laws enacted in the 1700's.

The majority of states across America allow a broad range of Sunday hunting opportunities.  Unfortunately, hunters in Pennsylvania can only pursue foxes, crows and coyotes on Sundays and are denied the hunting opportunities that so many hunters and families have in other states. Change is long overdue.

In order for Sunday hunting to become reality, all hunters must work together. It's critical for hunters to regularly contact legislators about this outdated law that is denying sportsmen time afield with their friends and family. Please sign this petition TODAY, as well as urge family, friends and fellow Pennsylvania hunters to do the same. Call upon your legislators to promote Pennsylvania's proud hunting heritage. 

For more information on the impact of Sunday hunting, please visit

Will you sign?

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  • William Wentling
  • Brandin Worley
  • Ryan Queale
  • Danile Millard
  • Scott Rubel
    Scott Rubel
  • Darryl Holdren
  • Steven Campbell
    For people like me that work every day Sunday is my only day to hunt without taking a day off.
  • Scott
  • Mark Bessetti
    The PGC claims a lot of our hunting license fees go to maintaining the game lands, then essentially we are paying for the game lands. Since we are paying for the game lands we should be allowed to hunt them on Sunday’s!!
  • John Hughes
  • John Elick
  • Bradley Klemann
  • Cody McDonald
    Sign the petition: Repeal the Sunday Hunting Ban in Pennsylvania!
  • Cody McDonald
  • Ben Steinbach
  • Chris Mann
  • Ryan Heath
    We should be allowed to hunt on Sunday, if you are allowing people to hunt with semi auto rifles. For those that won’t hunt rifle season now because your letting semi autos which is going to bring out the people that are not responsible and who will just shot to hear there semi auto while spraying lead threw the woods.
  • Roger Lenhart JR
    i just think that with the schedules that so many people work today Sunday hunting would make it possible for allot more people to get back into avid hunting that may have dropped off over the years due to work.
  • Bennet Fenstermacher
  • Jacob Huff
  • Shawn Bialecki
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    Todd Flyte
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