Hypocrite Hillary

Hillary Clinton is one of the wealthiest women in American politics. For decades she’s toured the world on private jets and lived in the country’s most exclusive communities. And she does it – always – with armed security.

At the same time, Hillary Clinton doesn’t think average Americans have the right to own a gun in their own home, for their own self-protection.

This kind if hypocrisy is unacceptable.

It’s easy for Hillary Clinton to campaign on promises that the federal government will always protect us.  Here’s the thing, though: If she really believes that, she should practice what she preaches.

But we know she won’t. Hillary Clinton will continue to enjoy her own personal, armed security. And at the same time, she will continue to demand that the rest of us abide by her anti-gun agenda and go defenseless.

If you’ve had enough of anti-gun, elitist, hypocritical presidents trying to tell you when and how you can defend your life and your family, then sign our petition!

No more hypocrites in the White House!

Will you sign?