Pledge to Support Campus Carry in Florida


Today, too many college campuses are not safe. They are "Gun-Free-Zones" where murderers, rapists, terrorists, and robbers commit crimes without fear of their victims defending themselves with a firearm.

According to one report, an estimated 1 in 5 five female college students reported that they have been sexually assaulted during their college years. It has been called an epidemic of sexual assault on our nation's college campuses.

In Florida, the Legislature is considering passage of a bill that would restore the right of persons 21 years of age and older, who have a state issued license to carry concealed firearms, to do so on college campuses.

Anti-gun and anti-self defense groups are fighting to deny these law-abiding adults from being able to exercise their fundamental right to self-defense.

Don't let Florida' s college and university administrators and their faculty unions, along with gun control groups like former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's "Everytown for Gun Safety" and the League of Women Voters, deny the constitutional freedoms of law-abiding Floridians.

Sign our petition to let Florida’s state legislators know that you support Campus Carry.  Tell them you support Campus Carry -- not Gun Fee Zones.


Will you sign?

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    Florida is a common sense state, exercising states rights over federal mandates.

    If you want the socialist state go live with Mr. Obama in one of his socialist/muslim states.
  • John P Wheelus Jr
    End all gun free zones, hospitals, churches, all school property and any other place necessary!!! When I visit Florida Hospital in Tampa I have to leave my Gun at Hospital I have leave my Gun at Home, this is a violation of my 2nd Amendment Rights!!!
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    Gun free zones are an open invitation for predators to strike knowing that there are no good guys with guns to stop them. All gun free zones should be abolished.