Connecticut: "Show Your Papers" Petition

House Bill 6001 would require the holder of a handgun carry permit to present the permit to law enforcement upon request; and House Bill 6200 would require the holder of a handgun carry permit to present the permit to law enforcement on request if the handgun becomes visible.

The Fourth Amendment allows police to stop and briefly detain a person to investigate only if the officer has a reasonable suspicion, supported by articulable facts that criminal activity is occurring.  This is why Connecticut law requires that officers must have a “reasonable suspicion” that a crime is being committed before they may request proof of a permit.  These bills infringe on the rights of those who choose to exercise their Second Amendment right to Keep and Bear Arms, while doing nothing to deter criminals.

Sign the petition and keep your Fourth Amendment Rights intact!

Will you sign?

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  • Chris Coyle
  • Mike
  • George R Curry
    This bill is a form of “Poll Tax” on a Federal and State Constitutional Right. Bearing arms for self defense and the defense of the innocent is a God given right.
  • Allen Kellogg
  • Keith W. Bennett
  • George Heinemann
  • George D Utley III
  • James Fish
    James Fish
  • James Crowley
  • Robert Uzarski
  • Jeanne Bilodeau
    Our foreign enemies are just watching, waiting and loving everything you idiots are doing and trying to America and American citizens. Our fore fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they wrote the 2nd amendment. Tyranny from government rule, arbitrary use of power or control. You are the fascist.
  • Andrew M Psheck Jr
  • Michael Soderlund
  • Albert Celotto
    Re: House Bill 6001: Law enforcement cannot, by law, ask someone to show their pistol permit.

    This is the lame Democratic Party’s (that has ruined the great state of Connecticut), attempt to suppress the rights of law abiding CITIZENS, yet coddle the fake rights of undocumented, illegal aliens via the cancerous “sanctuary cities.”

    Re: House Bill 6002: Tread very carefully here!!! You open up many individuals in law enforcement and city/state governance to damaging and extremely costly litigation – and it will be litigation that they will lose! Whether these idiots realize it or not, the dolts who wrote House Bill 6002 didn’t do their homework! The state of Connecticut is an OPEN CARRY STATE!!!! It is a little known fact that no one ever talk about. This means that any law abiding citizen of Connecticut can openly carry a pistol without harassment by law enforcement. Balance the budget, get rid of that moron of a governor, cut the multitude of social programs, cut taxes, go after deadbeat dads, and arrest the drug dealers and gang members who are killing people on a weekly basis. The aforementioned are just a few of the meaningful issues that the tax-paying citizens of Connecticut care about. You have many more important things to do. DO THEM!
  • David Galbraith
    Additional laws infringing upon my constitutional rights as a U.S. citizen residing in CT is simply inexcusable. Governor Malloy and the dominant Democrat State Congress do not represent the majority opinion of those living in Connecticut on this issue. This is just another reason why the population of this state is shrinking. Another decade and the state will be comprised of only the governor and state employed workers. Why would anyone move here? While a physically beautiful place to live, it has become an island of socialism overrun now with bad management. This new handgun bill is just more of the same coupled with a more recent proposal to increase concealed carry permit fees by 400% as some weak attempt to raise money for a government headed for bankruptcy.
  • Roobert w. kosrick
  • Dale Athanas
    The Connecticut Governor plans to charge $300.00 for a concealed carry permit. He claims this is a budget issue. It is NOT. This is a back door attack on the 2nd amendment. The higher the fees, the fewer people will be able to afford to keep their firearms.
  • Donald
  • Ryan Thomas
    My rights trump your ignorance
  • james w fox
    james w fox
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    john chapel
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