Oppose Gun Ban Legislation in Arizona

Your NRA is opposed to any legislation which treads on your Second Amendment rights. Many Arizonans rely on firearms for self-defense and personal protection. As we have seen in states such as Virginia, lawmakers are pushing egregious bills that would infringe upon these rights. Unfortunately, Arizona is not safe from the same actions. Your NRA is, and will remain, vigilant and actively involved at the Capitol to help keep protecting your Second Amendment rights. While these bills are unlikely to move this session, we need the help of our strong Second Amendment supporters to stand and fight with us so that we can help ensure the safety of your rights. 

Do you want the government to interfere with private sales of firearms between two law abiding citizens (SB1624)?

Do you think the government should ban semi-automatic firearms and standard capacity magazines (SB1625)?

Do you think the government should have "Red Flag" authority to confiscate guns (SB1626)?

If your answer is no to all of these questions, please sign:


Will you sign?