Stand and Fight with NRA!

Are you prepared to let President Obama take away your Second Amendment rights through executive action? Well, that campaign is now underway! 

On Monday, January 4, the White House released a FACT SHEET titled “New Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence and Make Our Communities Safer”.  The very next day, Obama launched the first part of his national media blitz with a press conference reiterating his latest plans to further erode our Second Amendment rights.  That was followed by a nationally televised live town hall on gun control called "Guns in America" on Thursday. (Read NRA-ILA’s initial response here.)

With this battle fully underway, we need to be prepared to Stand and Fight!

While almost no new information was provided by the President on the actions he unveiled on the 4th, he did take the opportunity to specifically call out the NRA as the main force standing in his way.  

Executive Director Chris Cox appeared on Fox News immediately following the town hall and had this to say, “(l)et’s be clear what this is really about,” Cox said. “The president is trying create an illusion that he’s doing something to keep people safe. He needs to do that because the truth is his policies have failed miserably.”

Frustrated by the will of the American people and Congress to enact his anti-gun agenda, President Obama is usurping the power of the people and attempting to use executive actions to restrict your Second Amendment rights.  This latest endeavor is the first step of the last push of the final year of the Obama Administration to further erode your freedom. 

While President Obama won’t be on the ballot this November, thousands of other candidates will, and they need to know that if they support the President’s gun ban agenda, they will LOSE YOUR VOTE!

Please sign our petition to show that you stand with your NRA and will PLEDGE to OPPOSE this executive overreach and any candidates who support the Presidents anti-gun actions.

Will you sign?