Say NO to Bloomberg's Private Firearm Transfer Ban in New Mexico!

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his national gun control organization, Everytown for Gun Safety, have turned their eyes to New Mexico.  After losing their ballot initiative to end private firearms sales and transfers in Maine, and after the state Attorney General in Nevada recently ruled a similar ballot measure unenforceable, Bloomberg and his friends are looking to pass similar gun control legislation in the 2017 session of the New Mexico Legislature. Click here for current information about the proposed legislation and the NRA-ILA alert.
You can take action right now to say NO to the overreaching gun control measures that anti-gun Santa Fe politicians and billionaires from New York want to impose on the law-abiding citizens of New Mexico.  Please take a moment and sign the petition to say, "I am a law-abiding firearm owner and I do NOT support banning the private sale and transfer of firearms!" Once you have signed this petition yourself, send it to your friends, family, and fellow Second Amendment advocates today. 

Will you sign?