Connecticut: "Show Your Papers" Petition

House Bill 6001 would require the holder of a handgun carry permit to present the permit to law enforcement upon request; and House Bill 6200 would require the holder of a handgun carry permit to present the permit to law enforcement on request if the handgun becomes visible.

The Fourth Amendment allows police to stop and briefly detain a person to investigate only if the officer has a reasonable suspicion, supported by articulable facts that criminal activity is occurring.  This is why Connecticut law requires that officers must have a “reasonable suspicion” that a crime is being committed before they may request proof of a permit.  These bills infringe on the rights of those who choose to exercise their Second Amendment right to Keep and Bear Arms, while doing nothing to deter criminals.

Sign the petition and keep your Fourth Amendment Rights intact!

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  • robert pollutro
    robert pollutro
  • Christopher Larson
    Christopher Larson
  • Matthew Garosshen
  • Michael McCormick
  • Richard johnen
    It’s not the permit carriers that’s the issue it’s this love and hug mentality that’s allowing people with issues to have access to firearms I.e. Newtown
  • David VanWie
    Open carry is absolutely legal in this State, unless the person exercising his Constitutional and legal right to carry a firearm in Connecticut. Unless that person is acting in an aggressive or threatening manner then that person should be able to carry about his day without any encroachment on his civil liberties. Enough of these attack on our rights in this State.
  • Jeremy
  • Kelly Crosse
    Unacceptable violation of my 4th amendment CT
  • Edward Westcott
  • Daniel Fiondella
  • Daniel C Ingalls
    Daniel Ingalls
  • Andrew Pizzano
  • George Robinson
    Connecticut politicians have already infringed on our Constitutional rights by implementing laws that clearly violate our rights, these new proposals are just another step towards controlling our lives.
  • Daniel Perez
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    Gary Turci
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    Merrill Brown
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    John R. Santoro
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    Roland St. Amand Jr
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    Sign the petition: Connecticut: "Show Your Papers" Petition
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